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Cable Pull & Installation

Leaders in High Voltage Solutions – Expertise, Safety, Quality

H&Askham offer onshore, offshore and shore end cable pull-ins and installation, for export, inter-array and fibre optic cabling scopes. We have become a trusted partner for high and extra-high voltage cable installation projects. Cable installation requires teams with very specialist skills and a great appreciation for the high-value cable assets they handle. It is crucial that the structural and electrical integrity of a high voltage cable is preserved during the pull-in and installation phases of work.

Offshore we have worked on export, array and internal platform cables, as well as fibre optic systems, in addition, providing services for the installation of the messenger wires and cable management systems. Onshore we can undertake all associated civils for cable installation projects including the digging of trenches and undertaking HDD, installing high voltage ducting & developing complex and specialist methodologies for pulling cables inside confined spaces and tunnels.

H&Askham ensure all of our cable technicians are highly experienced in cable handling and trained in the use of job-specific equipment. We ensure we have all the possible tools and equipment required to suit each project within our inventory of plant and equipment, H&Askham own specialist cable pushing and pulling equipment to ensure the safest and best quality solution. For every project, the pull-in mechanisms and systems are carefully designed to suit the application, using both hand techniques and mechanical winches with capacities of up to 5 tonnes. We have our own cable drum trailer that can be used in conjunction with equipment up to 20 Tonnes, with 3.6m diameter drums.


Cable Pull-In & Installation Capabilities

  • Installation of cables up to 400kV in the region of 2000sqmm
  • Offshore & onshore track record
  • Highly experienced cable technicians & handlers
  • Bespoke development of installation strategies
  • Duct blowing equipment
  • Specialist cable pull-in & pushing systems
  • Messenger wire installation
  • ROV piloting
  • All associated civils works
  • Trench, duct, risers & all forms of cable containment.
  • Erection & assembly of cable support structures
  • Erection & assembly of cable quadrants

Global Successes Onshore & Offshore Projects

Onshore & Offshore Projects Our Track Record